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10 Times Award

$ 32 116 207

Receive Community Passive Bonus on Various Levels

10 Times Award


Blockchain based Smart Contract Technology.

Cloud Storage

JOIN $ 25

Easy to Enroll, Billion Money Smart Contract.


Everyone can have an honest income in an open and transparent system, keeping pace with advanced technology

Fastest Bockchain

This operates on TRON Blockchain ecosystem and DApps, Transacations happen at lightning speed.

Low Fee

Billion Money have a Private Blockchain "Hyperledger Blockchain" to all calcultion and maintaining user data.

Stable Joining

It accepts Tether Stable Dollar TRC20 as its trading cryptocurrency, hence it can be operated from around the world.

Verified Code

Every Transaction interacts with our Smart Contract which is verified on TRON Blockchain.


Totally risk free

A verified and Open-source Smart Contract based on Tron Blockchain. Powered by Tether Stable dollar Cryptocurrency - International and Decentralized. See about Tether

Pay-out from Smart-Contract

This concept is designed to transfer your money from wallet to wallet. All transactions are 100% from the contract address to participants' wallets. Wallets are anonymous.


It is designed in such a way that no one can change the algorithm or delete the members' rooms. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for convenient display of statistics.

For everyone

Become a Member in - 25 USDT (approx. $ 25) Tether is a stable cryptocurrency.

Easy to understand

Binary matrix 5 lines - 62 partners in the team are enough to go through two cycles and earn $ 483,800 and Passive income $ 32,116,207.

Passive income from the day of JOINING

Earn passive income from the first day and uni-level from 20th level

Smart contract is Easy & simple

It is easy to understand even for those who have not encountered such projects.


Decentralized & Long term

This project runs on a decentralized Tron platform that has to support a Smart contract which will exist as long as the blockchain exists and even the creators of the smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms.

24 / 7 Community support

Active members will help you take simple steps to start earning regularly.

Simple steps

It’s as easy as it gets.
■ Community members help you start
■ Step by step training on the website
■ Promotional materials
■ Sales ads
■ Support chatbot

Cashback Proccess List

Address UserID Amount Date transaction

Advantages of Billion Money

Open source smart contract uploaded to TRON Blockchain. Cryptocurrency - international and decentralized

Decentralized System

It runs on TRON Blockchain, hence it is completely controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI). No Human Intervention.

Open Source Code

Anyone who wants to check the Source Code can easily visit the contract and view the codes.

Global Platform

It can be operated from anywhere in the world as long as you have a Mobile or a Computer/Laptop.

Stable currency $ USDT

Billion Money accepts TRON USDT as its cryptocurrency on TRON Blockchain. It is one of the most stable cryptos in the market.

Passive Income

Huge Opportunity to earn more than $50 million in Passive Income from this plan.

Success Guaranteed

This plan is designed keeping in mind guaranteed financial freedom to every member who invests with Billion Money.

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Total Cashback

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Total Participants

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Participants Earned

Choose your DApp wallet

DApp is way to connecting your wallet to Smart-contract to, do transaction a secure and easiest way.

TokenPocket - Web wallet and Android & iOS

Klever Wallet -Android & iOS

Tronlink - Web wallet and Android & iOS


Billion Money offers various Types of Income starting with $25 USDT

Direct Bonus

Get 20% Referral bonus from your all Direct Partners when they buy levels.

Buy Level Bonus

Get 75% buy level bonus by upgrading Levels of both you and your Team.

Uni Level Bonus

Get Extra 25% Unilevel bonus from your tree till 20th Level.

Passive Bonus

Passive bonus is a security even if you are not active in Billion Money.

Dividend Bonus

Make direct 10 active users and get monthly global dividend bonus.

Recycle Bonus

Recycle all your valueable income after 120 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have Any Doubts? Find Your Answers Below

  • What is Billion Money?

    Billion Money is a multi-level concept of earning money by investing a small amount and also making a community of like-minded people ready to contribute. It runs on Tron based Blockchain Smart Contract system where the website is just an interface for the convenience of working with a smart contract.

  • There is no administrator. There is a creator who uploaded the contract code to the Tron crypto currency blockchain. Since then, the smart contract has been part of the overall network, which is supported by AI (Artificial Intelligence). No one has the right to affect the operation of a smart contract, delete it or stop it. Any attempt to make unauthorized changes will be rejected due to inconsistency with previous copies in the block chain.

  • TRON is a Blockchain-based decentralized operating system based on a cryptocurrency native to the system, known as TRX. Currently, It is the fastest growing Blockchain explorer in the World.

  • It follows a DApp wallet to wallet system of payment. Hence, there is no chance any money goes in the wrong hands as only the owner of the wallet has the key to access.

  • DApp is an abbreviated form for decentralized application. A DApp has its backend code running on a decentralized peer-to-peer network. Tron Blockchain has its DApp Wallets

  • Billion Money works with Tron based USDT crypto currency, it is one of the well-known crypto currencies in the world currently.

  • It is enough to have a computer or a smartphone with an Tron Wallet. We also advise you to install Telegram instant messenger for better communication amongst the community and also receive latest news, information etc. on our chat.